2022 RE•CAP

47 churches came together as one family to celebrate The Lord and minister to His heart! Click the next photo to watch the video recap!


"To•Gather Tampa was birthed out of a desire to see God do something new in our region. As I was praying for what He wanted to do, I sensed that He wanted to do a new thing but we were stuck in our old ways. I was tired of preaching and believing for an Acts 2 outpouring but not seeing the fruition of what I was praying for. I opened the scriptures and realized the only missing ingredient was UNITY.

We were asking God for a blessing that is only commanded in unity. I thought "how amazing would it be if we offered up the "Issac" of our Sunday morning, like Abraham on the mountain, to see God do something greater together? No preaching, sermons, or agenda, just Jesus being lifted high by His Bride. I believe that as pastors decide to put aside our agendas on this one day, we will step into something together that we could never accomplish alone."

- Pastor Gio  Munoz

To•Gather Pentecost is a morning of corporate worship and prayer designed to unify the family of God around the presence of The Father. We are going to experience Pentecost the way the early church did... together.

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