Frequently Asked  Questions

ToGather Tampa Bay is a Unity Movement designed to bring the Church together around our One Father, as His Many Children with multiple expressions. If your question is not answered here, please email us at togathertampabay@gmail.com.

What is the goal and purpose of ToGather Tampa Bay?

We are hoping to ignite a region with eyes to see one another as brothers and sisters. Through our annual and quarterly events, we want to bring the whole Church of Tampa Bay together to celebrate our One Father. The goal is to get the many children of God, with multiple expressions, in one place to worship, pray and take communion together.

What can I expect at a ToGather event?

You can expect a diverse display of the Body of Christ gathering together to worship, pray and take holy communion as one church. We do not preach, teach or receive a Sunday morning offering. We simply bring the focus to our One Father and His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

How many events are there each year?

The main event is every Pentecost Sunday morning at a neutral location. We are also gathering quarterly at host churches in different parts of Tampa Bay.

What's the plan for kids at ToGather?

These events are family style and all children will need to stay with their parents. However, there will be age appropriate handouts and fun bags for each child who attends the Pentecost Sunday morning event. 

What is the difference between a participating and partner church?

A participating church is a congregation who takes part in our Pentecost Sunday morning gatherings as attenders. A partner church is one who helps bear the financial burden of the event as well as contributes volunteers and gives full attendance to the Pentecost Sunday morning event.

How can my church get involved?

To become a participating church, simply fill out this form. In order to become a partner church, please email us at togathertampabay@gmail.com.

Are there accommodations for the deaf?

We are pleased to say absolutely yes! There will be an interpretive team for the deaf and hard of hearing so that all can fully participate in this wonderful day.